Lead With Your Strengths



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Leaders like to think they have all of the answers. In reality, they're strong in some areas and weak in others. It's the way God creates us--he blesses us with certain skills and talents. We're then called to use those abilities to serve him. But how do leaders know their strengths? Their weaknesses? Why does it matter? The tools in this download address these questions. Help your leaders understand where they are strong, embrace where they are weak, and work together to cover for each other.

Table of Contents:

A Leadership Challenge
We must lead from our strengths and not attempt to lead in ways we are not called.
Gene Getz

Affirming Strengths and Weaknesses
Those around us should help us see our strengths and cover our weaknesses.
John Lynch

Who Am I?
Evaluate the leadership traits you think best describe you.
Leadership Catalyst

Beyond IQ: 7 Quotients for Leaders
Identifying your strongest leadership style will maximize effectiveness.
Alan Nelson

How Competent Are You?
Addressing a deficiency can prevent disaster for a ministry.
Angie Ward

A CEO Connects with His Calling
Determining our calling may make us more effective leaders--in ways we don't expect.

Missing Genius
Our strongest leadership abilities may not always fit the job description.
Mary C. Miller

Soul Health
You can't be fruitful if you neglect the Source.
Mindy Caliguire

Finding Your Leadership Style
Ten different ways to lead God's people.
Bill Hybels

From My Vision to Our Vision
Using your role to find your church's calling in the people you already have.
Paul Ford

Going to Your Left
Strengths alone do not a ministry make.
Kent Hughes

Declaring Strengths
Allow those around you to affirm the ways you lead best.
Leadership Catalyst

$ 14.99

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