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This theme addresses various aspects of the family in church life -- from raising a family in the midst of busy church leadership to helping your church act as a spiritual family. Stuart and Jill Briscoe share their perspectives on integrating marriage and children with ministry. Other articles examine the blessings of families ('"My Family Fix") and the need for renewal and reflection ('"Balancing the Demands" and '"Are You Emotionally Depleted?").

Table of Contents:

Leading as a Family
A family that serves can be especially blessed.
with Stuart & Jill Briscoe

Balancing the Demands
Do you need to find time for quiet solitude?
Kirk Byron Jones

Family Priorities
How to rightly value your family.
Ben Patterson

Are You Emotionally Depleted?
Determine if you need to recharge your emotional reserves.
Bill Hybels

Reclaiming the Joy of Service
What to do if leadership feels like a burden.
Suzanne P. Campbell

My Family Fix
Nourishing the family connection throughout the busyness of life.
Steve McKinley

The Legacy of Parenthood
Powerful impressions from parents.
Steve Mathewson

Principles for Balance
5 strategies to avoid overextending yourself.
Suzanne P. Campbell

What Church Kids Need
4 ways to help your children when you're an active church leader.
Robert Thune

Spiritual Oneness
How to develop spiritual intimacy with your spouse.
Louis McBurney

Church Family Life
Discovering your unique church family.
Lori Quicke

$ 14.99

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