Leadership Foundations



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Larry Osborne says, '"We will never be healthier than our leadership team." His interview in this theme shows how to build a vibrant church board. Darrell W. Johnson's Bible study, '"A High Calling," explains the key qualifications for church leadership. '"How to Avoid Leadership Mistakes" and '"Can I Really Lead Like Jesus?" tell how to put leadership skills to use.

Table of Contents:

A High Calling
4 biblical challenges of leadership.
Darrell W. Johnson

Build a Better Board
Create a healthy team to grow a healthy church.
with Larry Osborne

4 Myths about Leadership
And the real story.
Leith Anderson

Am I Ready to Lead?
10 questions to determine readiness.
Fred Smith, Sr.

The 5 Hidden Costs of Leadership
Are you willing to pay them?
Rich Nathan

The Slump of Second-Guessing
Making a decision doesn't always rest the case.
Ben Patterson

An Honorable Ambition
Keeping the risks and rewards of leadership in tension.
J. Oswald Chambers

How to Avoid Leadership Mistakes
2 principles to help you lead wisely.
Leith Anderson

Can I Really Lead Like Jesus?
3 ways we can follow in his steps.
Leighton Ford

Your Conflict Style
Understanding your approach may help ease tension with others.
Phyllis Ten Elshof

How Do You Know A Leader?
It may be too early to tell.
Ruth Senter

$ 14.99

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