Leadership Lessons from Billy Graham



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For well over 50 years, Billy Graham has been one of the most visible figures not just in evangelical spheres but in America and all over the world. He built the Kingdom by preaching the Word faithfully and passionately, but he built a global ministry by developing and exercising his skills in every area of leadership.

Table of Contents:

Forming the Team (free sample)
Get the right people in the right positions and watch them flourish.
Harold Myra and Marshall Shelley

Dealing with Pain and Betrayal
The people you trust most can hurt you most.
Harold Myra and Marshall Shelley

Fiscal Leadership
Ministry integrity begins with financial responsibility.
Harold Myra

Beyond Home Field Advantage
The best communicators speak to people where they are.
Marshall Shelley

Mr. President
Billy Graham's four years as president of Northwestern College shaped his ministry.
Doug Trouten

The Responsibility of Leadership
What leaders do greatly influences so many people.
Joe McKeever

Leading with Love
It was the defining trait of his leadership: Billy always led with love.
Harold Myra and Marshall Shelley

$ 14.99 $ 9.99

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