Leading a Group in Prayer



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Group prayer--we do it all the time, but how often have we explored its peculiar dynamics? We talk to God, but with others listening in and (sometimes) joining their thoughts to our words. It is an activity in which we are often more afraid of a human audience than the audience of the Almighty One. It is both intimate and very public.

This 23-page collection of articles is designed to help anyone who ever facilitates a time of group prayer--for three people or 100. Glean valuable insights for helping everyone participate, in a way that is genuine, edifying, and God-honoring.

Table of Contents:

Praying to be Overhead
Let your public prayers be both self-aware and God-centered.
by Jay Thomas

4 Things Prayer Leaders Need
Instill the right qualities and skills in the people who lead prayer in your church.
by Daniel Henderson

Guidelines for Group Prayer
These five principles can open participants up to God's transforming work.
by Wayne Jacobsen

Vectoring Prayer
Learn to pray in agreement with others.
by Ben Patterson

Prayer Snares
Be wary of these kinds of prayer requests in your group.
by Wayne Jacobsen

Leading Effective Community Prayer (free sample)
Make sure the group feels safe and is on the same page with you.
by Andrew Wheeler

Stretching Your Group?s Prayer Muscles
Try these different approaches to group prayer.
by Andrew Wheeler

Tips for Leading a Prayer Meeting
Follow these suggestions to foster focus and participation.
by Cheryl Sacks

Prayer Meeting Dilemmas
Six FAQs from corporate prayer leaders.
by Cheryl Sacks

Focusing Activities for a Prayer Meeting
Use these ideas to keep participants in the proper mindset.
by John Franklin

$ 14.99

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