Leading by Example



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More important than the skillset we bring to our role is the life that we live with Jesus,"" writes Timothy Morey in ""More Than a Message,"" one of the articles included in this resource. In the busyness of ministry, too often we consider our job as a task list to be completed rather than a life to be lived that reflects the power and love of Jesus Christ.

This 21-page training pack includes a variety of practical tips and suggestions to help you gain a better understanding of how the way you live, and the things you do, help establish your credibility as a leader. It will equip you with tools to allow you to set an inspiring example in your ministry.

Table of Contents:

More than a Message
Our churches need to see us live out the gospel, not just talk about it.
Timothy Morey

The Follow-First Leader
Four ministry lessons I learned from my leaders.
Ross Guthrie

Deepening Disciples
Jesus models a deeply personal, hands-on approach to discipleship.
Gordon MacDonald

Seven Ways Pastors Lead by Example
Sometimes your life communicates more than your words.
Brandon Cox

The Power of Being Present
An interview with Eugene Peterson on a pastor's essential role.
interview with Eugene Peterson

Talking Your Walk
Communicate with others what God is doing in our life.
Timothy Morey

Practicing What I Preach
When I saw our church's lack of adult conversions, I made a personal commitment to evangelism.
Kelly Brady

Leading Reluctant Followers
How do you lead in an atmosphere where distrust abounds?
Ben Patterson

Don't Get Too Far Ahead
Pursuing a vision successfully means preparing the people you lead for change.
Charles Jenkins

$ 14.99

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