Leading with Authority



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Authority is a dirty word these days, but it's also crucial to godly leadership. The Gospels record that Jesus taught "as one having authority." Although our words don't carry the same weight as those of Jesus, as his followers our leadership should have a modicum of his authority.

This 28-page resource helps you gain a better understanding of your authority as a leader, and equips you with tools to lead with authority in your ministry.

Table of Contents:

Where Does Authority Come From?
Five prominent leaders share their views.
Interviews by Angie Ward

The Heart of Authority
Biblical authority is all about relationships.
Matt Tebbe

Passion's Place
Stir desire while avoiding the temptation to manipulate.
John Ortberg

From Relevance to Depth
The next generation wants substance, not style.
Kevin Miller

Spiritual Fathering (and Mothering)
Becoming a spiritual parent means changing your approach.
Kevin Miller

The Authority of Presence
An interview with Eugene Peterson on a pastor's essential role.
Interview with Eugene Peterson

Leading the Next Generation
Millennials occupy a different world and have unique needs.
Sam Rainer

Authority Deficit Reduction
Sometimes lacking positional authority is a gift.
Adele Calhoun

Leading Reluctant Followers
How do you lead in an atmosphere where distrust abounds?
Ben Patterson

When You're Undermined
Five pastors respond to challenged to their authority.
Pastors' symposium

$ 14.99

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