Learning from the Biggest Ministry Mistakes



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Wouldn't it be great to go throughout your whole ministry and make all the right decisions? Of course, you're going to have some missteps in ministry, but that doesn't mean you can't minimize them by learning from other seasoned leaders.

In these eight articles from Leadership Journal, church leaders share their testimonies of lessons learned. From being so focused on the job that it led to a crumbling marriage, to unrealistic money expectations, to forgetting about the people, you'll be able to take these unhealthy experiences and make your ministry healthy for the long haul.

Table of Contents:

Misguided Coping Mechanisms
Pete and Geri Scazzero had to get past emotional immaturity before their crumbling marriage and ministry got back on track.
A Leadership Interview

Unrealistic Money Expectations
Sure, God will provide, but what about the congregation?
George R. Cannon Jr.

No Time for Pastorable Moments
Is your work less satisfying because your schedule takes precedence over God's promptings?
Gordon MacDonald

Presumption at Circle Church
As his dreams crumbled, he questioned God, himself, and his calling. What was God teaching him?
David Mains with Philip Yancey

Losing Touch with Real People
If you want to reach the crew, get into the pit.
Gordon MacDonald

The Day I Forgot the Wedding!
My biggest leadership mistake, and what I learned from it.
Robert Russell

Changing the Team to Fit the Game
If your leadership team stops responding to your coaching, maybe you're in a whole new game.
Larry Osborne

Being Too Transparent
Three views on preaching about sin--your own.
Larry Osborne

$ 7.99

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