Ministry for Depression



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Do you need to equip your church to minister graciously to those who struggle with depression? These handouts will help clear up common misconceptions about depression, describe sensitive methods when caring for the depressed, and suggest habits that can safeguard against the onset of depression.

Table of Contents:

Heroes of Faith, Victims of Discouragement
Being downcast isn't a sign of faithlessness; it's a part of being human.
Dwight L. Carlson

Depression's Many Faces
Mental illnesses have a variety of causes, forms, and treatments.
Enos D. Martin

The Complexity of Depression
With a variety of causes and symptoms, depression requires an astute observer to diagnose it.
Rod J.K. Wilson

Principles of Ministry to the Depressed
Serve the depressed by following these strategies and knowing your limitations.
Rod J.K. Wilson

What To Watch For in Yourself
Depression can creep up. Know the warning signs to avoid being overtaken.
Frank Minirth and Paul Meier

Leaders at Risk
Certain personalities are drawn to ministry and depression.
Doug Anderson

When a Loved One Dies
Healing is often slow, sporadic, and incomplete, but with God's help, it is possible.
Richard L. Mabry

When the Grief-Stricken Get Stuck
Two techniques to help the grieving complete the journey.
Rodger Murchison

Seven Habits of Emotionally Healthy Christians
Avoid and recover from depression by building these prescriptions into your daily life.
Frank Minirth and Paul Meier

$ 14.99

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