Ministry to Men



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The statistics are sobering: over the years, male attendance in church has steadily dropped to its current rate of less than 40 percent. How can your church energize the men in your congregation, and draw more men into the life of your church? Men's ministries can successfully serve as an entry point into your church or be an effective discipleship element for those already part of your church. But building and growing a men's ministry takes time, effort, and wisdom.

This newly updated 14-page resource will equip leaders to be effective at galvanizing men into becoming better fathers, husbands, sons, and followers of Jesus.

Table of Contents:

What It Takes to Reach Men
The local church is an ideal place for men to learn and grow in fellowship.
Stu Weber

Roll Up Your Sleeves
Find ways to include men in the church's preaching, plans, and programs.
Stephen A. Bly

Building Momentum
How to move men on the fringe into active, focused discipleship.
Patrick Morley

Solid Approaches to Men's Ministry
Choose activities and environments that strike a chord with guys.
Cliff Stabler

Manning Up (free sample)
The scarcity of men in our churches is nothing short of a crisis.
Drew Dyck

Creating a Male-Friendly Atmosphere
Attracting men means changing the way we do church.
interview with David Murrow

$ 14.99

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