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If you're a new teacher in children's ministry, you're probably anticipating your first day with some excitement and anxiety. These succinct and practical handouts equip new teachers and provide an overview of what to expect. You'll find a checklist for your first day and specifics on classroom management and discipline. Each handout can be used at a meeting with all new teachers or to pass out individually to those looking for guidance.

Table of Contents:

The First Day
Set the stage for you and your students to start well.
Susan Shadid; Ken McDuff; Sarah Smith and others

A Checklist for Teachers
Avoid common pitfalls by ensuring the basics are covered.

Maintaining Control
Classroom management and discipline in the Sunday school.

Nine Classroom Nightmares
Disruptions that can hit any classroom--and what to do about them.
Sarah Smith, Caroline Bianchi, and Susan Hambright

Discipline That Disciples
When children misbehave, help them grow in Christlikeness.
Ken McDuff

Leading a Child to Christ
Be prepared to explain salvation when the opportunity arises.
Assemblies of God USA

General Principles
Rules of the road to get you started in your teaching journey.
The Sunday School Page

Teaching Techniques
The appropriate method depends on your students.

The Planning P's
Prepare for the entire season before it begins.
Alan Wilson

$ 14.99

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