Next Steps in Your Ministry Vocation



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To be in ministry is to always be aiming to discern. One question that, at some point, most of us in ministry will face is, "Should I stay or go?" And if the answer is "Go," then we wonder, "Where? And how?"

This 33-page resource is full of insights on what makes a ministry situation right or wrong for you, how to say goodbye to a people you have served, and ways to discern a new direction to pursue. Whether you are unsettled or content with where you are, these materials can help you think more clearly about your future ministry vocation.

Table of Contents:

Wrestling with the Choice of Change
A decision to change ministries is never easy, but it helps to keep perspective.
Knute Larson

Annual Direction Diagnostics (free sample)
Eight issues to consider once a year to make sure you are still serving in the right place.
Gordon MacDonald

Is It Time to Leave?
Here are ten questions to help you decide.
Gary McIntosh

From First Chair to Second Fiddle
Sometimes a ministry move means stepping down the ladder.
Angie Ward

Leaving Well
How to depart a ministry the right way
Robert Kemper

Finding the Right Church
Lessons from the pastoral search process
Matthew Kim

Projecting Your Future Direction
Prepare for the final 20 years of your life.
Gordon MacDonald

$ 7.99

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