Overcoming Fundraising Challenges



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Money is always a delicate subject, especially in the church?no one wants to feel like they are seen as a human ATM, but it is a pastor's responsibility to help people understand how their money and material blessings relate to their faith and role in the church. Special fundraising projects, in particular, take on an added dimension of complexity as requests go above and beyond tithes.

This 25-page resource will help you avoid and respond to the biggest challenges in raising funds for your church or ministry, and will also give you fresh insights and creative ideas to spur people to generosity.

Table of Contents:

Money & Maturity
How we handle money says a lot about how we relate to others, and to God.
Marshall Shelley

Later is Lethal
Start developing givers today.
interview with Jeff Manion

Why Give to the Local Church?
More than ever, we have to make the case for why it's important.
Amie Streater

Fundraising in Tight Times
Keys to securing large contributions in tight situations.
Eric Reed

You Have to Ask
Six fund-raising principles for pastors.
Jack Connell

Facing the Year-End Shortfall
Five steps to help make up the difference.
Brian Kluth

Finding Donations from Additional Sources
Making your needs known enlarges your donor base.
Gary A. De Bois

Adopting a Hybrid Ministry Model
Dwindling resources may necessitate new structures.
John Dickerson

Raising Money from Millennials (free sample)
They will give generously if you approach them in the right way.
Kevin A. Miller

$ 14.99

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