Overcoming a Reluctance to Lead



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When you or a member of your team face doubts about leading well, use this guide to combat those feelings. Find encouragement, practical ways to increase leadership confidence, and how to get the most out of your team's God-given gifts and talents in articles from Andy Stanley, Ben Patterson, and others.

Table of Contents:

The Uncertain Leader
Clarity, not certainty, can give us the encouragement we need to lead.
Andy Stanley

Courage for the Doubting Leader
Leaders understand ambiguity is inevitable in ministry but press on anyway.
Ben Patterson

So Now You're the Leader
Those who take on leadership get to witness a miracle: God using them to reach others.
Virginia Vagt

Finding Want-to, Can-do Workers and Leaders
The right people and the right roles at a church can ease reluctances to serve.
Sue Mallory

When No Risk is Riskiest of All
Why reluctance to act may be more hazardous to your leadership in the long run.
Terry Muck

$ 7.99

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