Preaching for the Lay Leader



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Empower your lay leaders to preach with confidence. With this theme, your leaders will learn to appreciate the authority given to their voices, to assemble an inspired message, and how to gain valuable feedback from trusted sources to keep improving their preaching.
You can use this theme either for a group training session or to give individually to people who would like to gain some experience preaching. Simply print the handouts you need and use them as necessary.

Table of Contents:

Your Preaching Is Unique
A reminder to be yourself as you proclaim God's truth.
Warren Wiersbe

Preaching 101
An introduction to the elements of sermon preparation.
Brian Larson

Preaching to Seekers, Converts, and Saints
Every sermon reaches three groups. Here's how one preacher keeps each group in mind.
David Riemenschneider

A Checkup for Sermon Illustrations
You want to tell stories in your sermon; here are the questions you need to ask.
Wayne Harvey

How to Tell Stories in a Sermon
Don't forget these essential ingredients of a great story.
Peter Farthing

Keep Your Listeners? Attention
Three ways you can help your message connect with your listeners.
Jeffrey Arthurs

How to Drive a Point Home
Four things to consider when you want to create an application that sticks.
David Mains

Seeking Evaluation
One pastor's method for obtaining valuable feedback.
Bill Hybels

$ 14.99

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