Preaching in Moments of Crisis



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Has there been a death in your church? A community crisis? A national tragedy?

These five articles from Leadership journal are written by church leaders who have been through similar situations. You'll find questions to ask yourself and your congregation; mistakes others have made that will help you; how to most effectively comfort the hurting; and how to prepare your church in advance.

Table of Contents:

When the News Intrudes
What do you say from the pulpit about national crises and tragedies?
Eric Reed

The Sacred Conversation that Follows Crisis
What preachers do better than anyone is speak into the fear with a sacred Word.
M. Craig Barnes

Ministry at the Makeshift Memorial
After a kidnapped child was found dead, how could I help at the impromptu wailing wall?
Connie Regener

When a Child Dies
In times of greatest grief, there?s power in the presence of a pastor.
Cinda Gorman

Speaking into Crisis
What we can learn from two pastors--Bonhoeffer and Thielicke--who ministered in terrible times.
Gordon MacDonald

$ 7.99

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