Redeeming Your Failures



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Failure. It's one of the scariest words in ministry. When a leader falls, or makes a big mistake, the consequences can impact not just ministries and lives but hearts and souls. The good news: we serve a God whose power is made perfect in our weakness. No situation and no person is beyond his redemption, and even in our failures he makes his glory known. This resource is designed to help leaders allow God to redeem their failures and move forward in their ministry.

Table of Contents:

Finding Hope in Failure
No matter how you've messed up, God isn't done with you yet.
Andr‚ Bustanoby

Epic Fail
Only when we are honest about our failures can we move forward.
J.R. Briggs

From Pulpit to Pew
God uses difficult situations to prepare us for something big.
Nathan Kilgore

Experts in Weakness
I don?t fit the typical definition of a "strong" leader, and I?m glad.
Mandy Smith

When a Colleague Falls
What is your role as a friend and co-laborer?
Lee Eclov

When to Be Vulnerable
God can use your brokenness to help others.
Anne Marie Miller

$ 14.99

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