Responding to Same-Sex Marriage



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The legalization of same-sex marriage in America has opened up a new chapter in the conversation on sexuality and marriage, and with it new questions on how the church should respond both inside and outside its walls. Beyond the legal questions that still remain unclear, there are plenty of practical ministry issues: how do we talk about it from the pulpit? How do we model and lead healthy conversations? How do we respond when gay couples come through our doors?

This 15-page resource offers articles and discussion questions to help you and your leaders consider how to speak into this new reality with love, clarity, and conviction.

Table of Contents:

Leading the Conversation
A faithful response means adopting a proper posture, not just correct doctrine.
Kara Bettis

Gay Marriage, Abortion, and the Bigger Picture
Living out God’s will requires us to look beyond single issues.
Karen Swallow Prior

A New Kind of Ministry
We need a better approach to the traditional biblical ethic on sexuality.
Ron Sider

Loving Without an Agenda
Interview with Glenn Stanton

A Test of Unity
A public response from the pulpit can bring people together.
Anonymous pastor

Leading Effective Conversations about Same-Sex Marriage
A primer to help guide conversations about this heated topic.
Amy Jackson
$ 14.99

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