Rest and Renewal for Busy Church Leaders



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When was the last time you felt really, truly refreshed? Between late night committee meetings, weekends of services, and round-the-clock availability for counseling and crises, the demands of ministry all too often leave leaders feeling physically exhausted and spiritually limp. While we all know the importance of rest and renewal, it can be difficult to allow ourselves to take time out of our day to rest and renew our bodies and souls.

Table of Contents:

Finding a Steady Rhythm
The not-so-secret key to effective ministry and leadership.
Ruth Haley Barton

Time Well Wasted
Why you need downtime, and how to spend it.
John Ortberg

A Day Off from God Stuff
What is a Sabbath rest for pastors, when you handle holy things all week long?
Lynne Baab

How Much Is Enough?
Set the example for those in your congregation.
Gary D. Preston

Staying Alive
A 'Leadership Journal' forum on sustaining spiritual vitality.

A Time for Rest
Take a season to regroup.
Mindy Caliguire

The Importance of Hope
Rediscover a powerful source of energy and rest.
John Ortberg

$ 14.99

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