Secrets of Effective Communication



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Sometimes things get lost in translation. If wires are getting crossed around your church and amongst your leaders, equip them to improve their communication skills using this tool.

You'll not only improve the effectiveness of communication among your staff and to your congregants, but you'll also empower your leaders and strengthen relationships when you use these handouts in your next meeting or at your next retreat.

Table of Contents:

Ten Rules for Respect
A healthy contract for communication that staff and congregation members can use.
Charles W. Christian

Six Important Skills
Effective leadership often requires these key communication abilities
Herb Miller

Developing Your Discernment
Watch and listen carefully when you speak with people.
Fred Smith Sr.

Giving Up Control
The right communication strategy can empower staff and volunteers
James MacDonald

How to Run a Great Staff Meeting
The best practices of ministry include keeping the key people in touch
John Sommerville

Where to Hold a Discussion
The place you meet can say a lot about what people say
Emory Griffin

Communicating in a Kaleidoscopic Ministry
Diversity in a church can produce either discord or harmony
Douglas J. Rumford

How Much Should I Let On?
Every church leader needs to balance between disclosure and discretion
Rob Morgan

Communication Worth More Than Money
Sometimes simple gestures say a lot to volunteers and others.
Dave Goetz

$ 14.99

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