Senior Pastor and Youth Pastor: Working Together



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He doesn't support the church's vision. "I thought he was going to mentor me, but he only cares about numbers." "He spends all day playing video games." There is a great divide between senior pastors and youth pastors, argues Doug Franklin in his book The Disconnect: Bridging the Youth Pastor and Senior Pastor Gap, and it is seriously affecting the unity and the work of the church.

Table of Contents:

Disconnected (free sample)
Senior pastors and youth pastors often struggle to connect.
Interview with Doug Franklin

Communication Counts
Your youth pastor's effectiveness will depend on your ability to communicate.
Doug Franklin

Three Gifts Your Youth Pastor Wants
A survey reveals what youth pastors need.
Mark Cox

Advice from a Former Youth Pastor
Follow these principles to make the most of your youth ministry.
Ken Swatman

Help Your Senior Pastor Help You
The keys for fostering a healthy working relationship.
Ken Swatman

Sharing the Mission
A united front is essential to success.
Doug Franklin

$ 14.99

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