Shepherding Others



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Several years ago, Christian psychologist and best-selling author Larry Crabb announced, '"The primary context for healing should be the Christian community." In an interview in this theme, he explains how older, wiser church members can shepherd others. Articles in this theme include devotionals on how the Bible instructs us to care for others, an assessment of your counseling style, and how to set up shepherding groups in your church.

Table of Contents:

The Power of Caring for People
The New Testament's wisdom on how to help others-in body, soul, and spirit.
Robb Redman

Where Healing Belongs
Returning soul care to the local church.
with Larry Crabb

Why Nonprofessionals Make Great Counselors
Your 5 advantages in caring for people.
Robert J. Morgan

Staying Close to Your Enemies
How to care for people who don't like you.
Gary D. Preston

The Care and Feeding of Leaders
People with leadership gifts need a special kind of shepherding.
Roy C. Price

Comfort in the Face of Tragedy
How to help the hurting.
Karen Mohler

How to Give Good Advice
Some people want you to listen; others genuinely want you to speak.
Fred Smith

Raising Up Shepherding Groups
4 questions to ask.
Charles Ver Straten

Shepherding in the Shadow of Death
Helping people die with grace and hope.
Greg Asimakoupoulos

Exercises in Caring
Learning to listen, learning to trust.
Eric Reed

$ 14.99

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