Smoothing Conflict Over Worship Style



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The debate over music styles in worship is probably one of the most divisive issues in the church. Both sides of the debate often feel like they're defending something God would want.

Download these seven articles from Leadership journal to remind yourself and your leaders what true worship is. Learn how to break down the wall between pastors and musicians. Find out how to take the high ground, get past the battles between music styles, and make lasting peace.

Table of Contents:

How God Evaluates Worship
Putting good theology into congregational practice involves more than just the mind.
Jack Hayford

Bring Down That Wall
How can we lower the barrier between pastors and musicians?
Nancy Beach

Sparring Over Worship
5 points to make when your congregation dukes it out over musical styles.
Steve Bierly

One Lord, One Faith, Two Services
How to reach people who seek a different approach to worship.
W. Charles Arn

Traditional vs. Contemporary
The presenting issues are not always the real ones. A LEADERSHIP case study about conflicting worship styles.
Wayne Brouwer with commentary Speed Leas and David C. Fisher

"We Just Don't Like It?"
When good and reasonable changes don't feel right to people, what's a leader to do?
Kevin Ruffcorn

When Worship Styles Clash
Pastors who attempt a broad range of musical tastes can find themselves in the cross hairs of some musical vigilante.
Garth Bolinder

$ 7.99

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