Soul Health for Spiritual Leaders



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We don't need anyone to tell us that church leaders are busy, often overloaded and overworked. As tasks pile up, too often the first thing to go is regular, one-on-one time spent with God. Attend to everyone else first, we think, and I'll get to 'me' when I can. But this not only cheats ourselves but also those to whom we minister. Only a spiritually healthy leader can lead others into spiritual health.

This 38-page resource lays out the case for the importance of regularly assessing your spiritual health, as well as practical guidelines for how to do so. It also offers resources for going about the work of developing spiritual health so you can effectively minister to others.

Table of Contents:

Strengthening your leadership begins with deepening your engagement.
Peter Scazzero

Hardworking Sloths
How being busy for God keeps us from attending to God.
Carolyn Arends

Your Regular Checkup
Like a physical, a regular spiritual helps you gauge your soul health.
Gordon MacDonald

Four Prescriptions for Soul Health
These disciplines prepare the leader's soul for service.
Mindy Caliguire

No More 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'
Accountability assures our leaders don't look Christian on Sunday but act differently on Monday.
Kevin Miller

Your Most Important Conversation
A daily debriefing with God helps clear the soul for growth.
Gordon MacDonald

How Integrity Grows
Four admonitions from a seasoned spiritual guide.
Fred Smith, Sr.

$ 7.99

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