Spiritual Care



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What does it mean to shepherd a soul? As pastor, you know you can't do everything; you need an army of trained shepherds. You'll find help to train them in '"The Business of Making Saints," an interview with experienced pastor and writer Eugene Peterson.

Table of Contents:

Healed Enough to Lead?
Measuring readiness for church leadership.
Daniel Brown & Robert Moeller

How to Give Good Advice
4 ingredients for good decisions.
Fred Smith

Caution for Caregivers
Help for protecting the church and the wounded.
Steven D. Mathewson

Distributing the Load
The pastor isn't the only one called to help the hurting.
Steven D. Mathewson

The Business of Making Saints
What it means to give spiritual care.
with Eugene Peterson

Caring for a Difficult Person
Some personalities require extra attention.
Louis McBurney

Chronically Wounded and Needy
Loving those who may never get better.
Mathew Woodley

4 Steps to Responsibility
Helping the hurting to help others.
Daniel Brown & Bob Moeller

How to Be a Mentor
4 ways to make a difference in someone's life.
Earl F. Palmer

$ 14.99

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