Survival Guide: Depression



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Depression respects no boundaries. It can strike anyone in the church, including leaders. As a church leader, do you struggle with depression? Are you afraid to share your situation with others? Are you unsure what to do when you recognize depression in others? These articles will help leaders recognize depression in themselves, and equip them to help others survive its debilitating effects.

Table of Contents:

Attacked by a Monster
Depression hit me by surprise, and help came despite my foolish reactions.
Art Greco

Finding Light at the End of the Tunnel
Struggles with depression, especially after traumatic events, may require permanent changes.
Alvin C. Johnson, Jr.

Elijah's Journey Through Spiritual Depression
Even after accomplishing much for God, the great prophet was still vulnerable to despair.
Skip Heitzig

Is This a Spiritual Problem?
Diagnose your discouragement and keep it from becoming a debilitating sin.
Kevin Miller

Ministering to the Depressed
Seventeen million people each year suffer from depression. Here's how you can minister to them.
Enos D. Martin

How Clergy, Friends, and Family Can Help
A pastor, theologian, and patient, offers her reflections on ministry to the depressed.
Katherine Greene-McCreight

$ 7.99

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