Surviving Information Overload



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Information was once a sought-after and treasured commodity like a fine wine, says Richard Saul Wurman, quoted by Kevin A. Miller in this resource. "Now, it's regarded more like crabgrass, something to be kept at bay."

As inundated as we are with information today, it is more important than ever to know what to seek out and what to block out. The articles below--including a fascinating historical survey by Alan Jacobs--offer some helpful perspective on the issue of information overload. They also suggest a number of concrete, practical ways you can address it in your life.

Table of Contents:

The information flood has a longer history than we suppose.
Alan Jacobs

There's no one right way to handle our case of too much information.
Angie Ward

Evil as Entertainment
Are Christian watchblogs a spiritualized form of rubbernecking?
Tim Challies

Selecting Your Key Information Areas
What must you know, and what can you safely ignore?
Kevin A. Miller

Managing the Information Overload (free sample)
Six leaders chime in.
Leith Anderson, Jay Kesler, Gordon MacDonald, and more

How to Organize, File, and Store Information
Follow these eight friendly tips.
Kevin A. Miller

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