Taking Control of Your Time



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In ministry, there is always more to do. But when leaders neglect their souls in order to "get things done," everyone suffers.

This 18-page resource will help you understand how to build and balance a busy schedule, making time for rest while ensuring that the important things get done.

Table of Contents:

Stop to Breathe
Leadership demands we make a commitment to rest.
Deborah Brunt

Finding Rest in a Busy World
Interview with Brady Boyd

The Gift of Sabbath
Surrender to God's desire to shape your soul.
Natasha Sistrunk Robinson

Learning to Say No
It's not selfish; it's necessary if we want to bless and continue to bless.
Mandy Smith

Overcoming Overload
Develop a practical time-management strategy.
Dale Burke

Interruption or Divine Appointment?
How to discern the difference.
H.B. Charles

Time-Management Strategies
8 keys to getting it all done.
Jim Danielson

$ 14.99

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