Taking a Sabbatical



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The sabbatical is an entrenched tradition in academia, says Eugene Peterson. "But pastors, committed to the life of the spirit, a life at least as strenuous, if not more so, than the life of the mind, rarely get sabbaticals. I wonder why."

This 34-page resource unpacks the underestimated value of taking a ministry sabbatical. It also gives pastors guidance for making the most of a sabbatical when they do take one.

Table of Contents:

When It's Time to Get Away
How to prepare your heart and mind for (temporary) separation from your church
Maxie Dunham

Desert and Harvest
The bounty of a sabbatical goes beyond mere time away.
Eugene H. Peterson

Unusual Sabbaticals
A good sabbatical requires stopping long enough to look around and see God in a new way.
Lynne M. Baab

How to Get a Sabbatical (free sample)
Prior to a sabbatical, a pastor must address three separate groups.
Jay Beuoy

Sabbatical Is Not Study Leave
Why pastors should use sabbaticals to renew their spirit
Eugene H. Peterson

Sabbatical in the Office
How to get away when you can't go away
Greg Asimakoupoulos

Back from Sabbatical
The gifts of a sabbatical
Nancy Beach

$ 7.99

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