Teaching about Sex



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Sex. In a culture that's saturated with images of unhealthy sexuality, what is the church doing to counteract those lies with God's truth? If sex is not taught well in the church, people cannot know the fullness God has for them in his perfect plan for sexuality.

This 20-page resource is designed to help you address these difficult but essential topics in a sensitive but informed manner.

Table of Contents:

What to Say about Sex
How to talk about sex with single Christians.
Harold Ivan Smith

Three Fibs and a Truth about Sex
Help for married pastors when talking to single adults.
Lauren F. Winner

The Joy of Preaching Sex
For better intimacy at home, we need more sex in the pulpit.
Bryan Wilkerson

Is the Church Speaking about Sex Effectively? (free sample)
An interview with Matthew Paul Turner

Sexual Training ...
In righteousness, that is.
Allen Meyer

The Terror of Sex
How aging changes one's perspective on sex.
Ben Patterson

Talking about Sex
Finding help and healing from sexual wounds through the support of fellow believers.
Interview with Ken Leman
$ 14.99

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