Teaching the Hard Parts of Scripture



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Wars. Genocide. Eternal punishment. Divorce. Sexuality. The Bible is full of difficult passages, and too often they get skipped over in favor of less controversial topics. When churches aren't addressing these kinds of questions, they leave people to turn elsewhere for answers, and settle for an incomplete view of God and the Bible.

This 18-page download will help you and anyone who teaches or preaches at your church prepare to address the most difficult passages and topics in the Bible in ways that point people toward the fullness of God and his Word.

Table of Contents:

Preaching Hard Truth in an Age of Grace
Difficult passages help us understand the true nature of grace.
Lee Eclov

You Had to Bring It Up
How to preach controversial topics without picking a fight.
Stuart Briscoe

Teach the Bloody Bible
Why teaching the strange and disturbing stories in Scripture is essential to outreach and spiritual growth.
interview with Joshua Ryan Butler and Dan Kimball

Hot Theology
Ignoring the reality of hell makes one of Jesus’ frequent teachings a mere metaphor.
Dan Kimball

Tips for Teaching on Taboo Topics
Helpful principles for approaching societal landmines well.
Chuck Bomar

Call in a Team
When the topics get tough, don't be afraid to ask for help.
Mike Woodruff
$ 19.99 $ 14.99

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