To Delegate or Not to Delegate?



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Delegation is essential to the success of every leader. But successful delegation does not only get the work done?it provides an opportunity for spiritual growth. Whether you're missing out on opportunities to grow your weaknesses by passing off your least favorite tasks, or shortchanging your unique contribution by taking on too much unnecessary responsibility, this download will help you consider your workload in light of your ministry call.

This 15-page resource is designed to help you improve time management skills while also considering your responsibility as a leader to guide the spiritual development of your staff, volunteers, and congregation.

Table of Contents:

Going to Your Left
Sometimes the tasks we'd rather avoid are exactly what we need to grow.
Kent Hughes

Overseeing the Organization
Interview with Donald Seibert.
Donald Seibert

Clearing the Clutter
How to handle all the things that come across your desk.
John Maxwell

The Leader's Highest Calling
Delegation is about more than just getting things done.
R. Scott Rodin

Don't Dump?Delegate!
Successful delegation nurtures and develops the gifts of those around us.
John Maxwell

Working through Leaders
Align unique gifts with specific tasks.
Don Cousins

How to Know When It's Time to Delegate
Practical tips for busy ministry leaders.
Kent R. Davies

$ 14.99

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