Using Feedback to Improve Preaching and Teaching



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No matter how many hours you spend preparing a sermon or lesson, something simple or avoidable could be keeping your audience from hearing the message. It could be a subconscious habit you didn't realize you had, a style of delivery that isn't connecting with your audience, or even a volume problem (that could be easily solved with some microphone adjustments). By taking time to obtain feedback from a select group, you can gain valuable insight that will make your preaching and teaching much more effective.

This 17-page resource will give you practical ideas for selecting a group, gathering their feedback, and using it to improve your teaching so that your audience hears your message.

Table of Contents:

Hearing God When a Critic Speaks
Sometimes God uses feedback to make us better communicators.
Jim Abrahamson

Learning to Accept Feedback
The honesty of others can make us wiser and more effective communicators.
John Vawter

Finding the Right People to Offer Feedback
Choosing the right critics is crucial for getting good feedback.
Dave Stone

Listening to the Listeners
Our listeners can offer valuable feedback before, during, and after a sermon or lesson.
Haddon Robinson

Creating Good Listeners
Inviting feedback can help your class or congregation learn to listen better.
William H. Willimon

Eliminating Annoying Mannerisms
Sometimes it's the small things that distract from effective preaching and teaching.
Kenneth Quick

Tips for Effective Surveys
Suggestions to get you started.
Virginia Vagt

Sample Sermon Review Survey
Virginia Vagt

$ 14.99

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