Volunteer Motivation



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Equip your church leaders to encourage and empower volunteers as successfully as possible. These brief, practical handouts may be used either for a training session or to give individually to key people involved in ministry with volunteers.

Table of Contents:

How To Motivate Volunteers
Motivation is more than rallying volunteers; it works through every aspect of service.
Paul Robbins and Harold Myra

Biblical Principles for Volunteer Ministry
Four lessons from Scripture can strengthen and motivate your church's servants.
Robert J. Morgan

A Match Made In?
How to place your volunteers in ministries where they will thrive.
Leith Anderson

Motivation Is In the Risk
Is your church afraid to put ministry into the hands of volunteers?
Bruce Larson

The Right Person for the Job
Get the most out of your volunteers by using the same methods as employers.
Shirley J. Good

Affirming Volunteers
Encourage your workers by knowing when, and how, to celebrate them.
Tim Stevens

Communicate to Motivate
Create an environment that inspires your volunteers by saying and doing the right things.
Fred Smith, Sr.

Make T.I.M.E. for Volunteers
Four principles that can help make your volunteers happier.
Tim Stevens

Giving the Pink Slip
Three options when a volunteer is in the wrong position.
Tim Stevens

$ 14.99

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