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We all love to keep up our appearances. But hiding our struggles and weaknesses doesn't help us—or the people around us.

Use this 22-page training theme to explore with fellow staff members and volunteers the value of, and place for, vulnerability in ministry. Included are assessments, a case study, devotionals, how-to articles, and more. 

Table of Contents:

Dropping the Mask
No one is perfect--including church leaders.
by Dave Stone

The patched-up life and unshabby message of Brennan Manning.
Agnieszka Tennant's conversation with Brennan Manning

Absence of Trust
Do you trust one another enough to be vulnerable?
by Nancy Ortberg

Fear of Conflict
Conflict can be scary--and constructive.
by Nancy Ortberg

Avoidance of Accountability
Vulnerability must lead to accountability.
by Nancy Ortberg

When to Declare One's Doubts
One pastor was uncertain about publicly questioning his calling.
by James D. Berkeley

Truthtelling Value
Being fully truthful sometimes requires admitting feelings that might not seem appropriate.
by Mark Galli

Winning Through Weakness
In the Bible, the apostle Paul shows his humanness, making his words even more powerful.
by Mark O. Hatfield

Can I Trust You? (free sample)
Strengthening the three legs of trust.
by Angie Ward

Support Groups May Be Worth the Trouble
Groups can encourage vulnerability--and healing--in your church.
by Randy Christian

In This Together
How opening oneself up to others can lead to healing.
by Ed Rowell

I Have Something to Say
Vulnerability leads to growth for the entire group.
by Tyler Charles

$ 14.99

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