When a Leader Falls



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Is your church struggling through what to do with a fallen leader or a volunteer who has to be let go? This is an unfortunate reality that occassionally happens in church, even though we think it will never happen to us.

With this download, you'll hear stories from fallen leaders and those who have helped with an effective restoration. Learn how to develop a crisis response team, how to communicate and investigate a problem carefully, and how to come to a resolution that works.

Table of Contents:

Confronted With the Shameful
How you should respond--legally and responsibly--when a staff member is accused of child molestation.
Mike Woodruff and Dennis Kasper

Hooked: One Pastor's Struggle with Internet Pornography
First he turned on the computer, then the computer turned on him.
Eric Reed

Restoring a Fallen Colleague
How one leader's personal failure was handled--and redeemed.
Edward G. Dobson

A Restorer's Reflections
What I learned from helping a pastor return to health.
Jim DeVries

Creating a Restoration Process
Hard-won wisdom from four people who have worked with fallen pastors.
A Leadership Forum

Pictures of Restoration
Three snapshots of a complicated process.
Recollections William Frey, Richard Exley, and Louis McBurney

$ 7.99

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