When You Feel Like Quitting



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You're not alone. As a church leader, that's important to know when you experience pressure, disappointment, discouragement, and fatigue in ministry. The easy route is to pack up and quit. But it's not always the best way. Ministry provides too many opportunities for you to reach out and to be obedient for it to be easy.

These seven articles from Leadership journal help you think through your attitude, your calling, and your decision to stay or go. You'll learn about the circumstances that cause doubt to form, steps to build stamina, and ways to prevent future defeats.

Table of Contents:

When You Feel Empty
If you question your calling and competence, you're not alone.
Alistair Brown

When You're Tired of Leading
Understand the sources of fatigue, and take steps to build stamina.
Leith Anderson

Defeat and Disappointment
Learn how to deal with the slings and arrows that come with leadership.
Knute Larson

Ten Reasons Not to Resign
How one pastor kept himself from jumping ship.
Don Bubna

The Decision to Stay
Thoughts about leaving whisper to everyone, and scream to those who are discouraged.
Kevin Miller

Staying on the Job
Mounting pressures at mid-life can tempt ministry leaders to escape.
Gary Fenton

What I Wish I'd Known Before I Quit
Hindsight provides powerful lessons about one pastor's decision to leave.
Anthony Laird

$ 7.99

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