Working With The Opposite Sex



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Working relationships with the opposite sex can be complicated. These handouts are designed to equip men and women to work together smoothly in the church. You can use this download for a training session or to give individually to key people who work on mixed gender teams. Simply print the handouts needed and use them as necessary.

Table of Contents:

Virtues for the Mixed Gender Team
Christian character and intentioality can transform your group dynamics.
Sarah Sumner

Can Men and Women Work Together?
Yes--if they recognize and understand their differences.
Nancy D. Becker

Changing a Church Culture
Practical ideas to reform how women and men work together in your church.
Sarah Sumner

Tempted by a Colleague
Strategies to keep from falling into sexual sin at work or anywhere else.
Randy Alcorn

How to Prevent Misconduct and Harassment
Pastors and leaders have the spiritual and legal responsibility to protect their members.
Richard Hammar

Past Influences, Current Attitudes
Questions that can help you determine how your gender views were shaped.
Ruth Haley Barton

Speaking Frankly
Real communication between men and women lies beyond biases and stereotypes.
Ruth Haley Barton

He Said, She Heard
What men need to know about how to communicate with women.
Jeffrey Arthurs

$ 14.99

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