Worship Leader Orientation Guide



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The task of leading worship in a service is daunting. Worship is central to the Christian life. Not only that, but it is highly subjective, and is strange blend of personal and corporate. Then behind it all is a mountain of logistics.

This 20-page resource is designed to bring clarity and guidance for the rookie or veteran worship leader. What is the role, exactly? How can someone worship from a stage? What's the best way to build a worship team? Let the articles in this training tool help.

Table of Contents:

You Are a Leader (free sample)
Understanding how to lead in a worship setting.
Matt Frazier

Leading Versus Performing
Worship leaders must focus everyone's attention on the One who is greater than us.
Andy Crouch

Advice from an Experienced Leader
One music director offers insights about finding volunteers, challenging musicians, and the importance of passion.
interview with Michael Aukofer

Sample Job Description

Planning Worship Together
Advantages of planning worship services as a group.
Paul E. Engle

A Culture of Quality
Don't accept mediocrity in your church's music.
Kevin J. Navarro

Heard and Not Seen
The importance of stage presence.
Rich Muchow

Developing Talent
Get the most out of your team.
Sundee Frazier and Alison Siewert

Great Worship with Modest Means
Our attitudes are more important than talent.
Bill Giovannetti

$ 9.99

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