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You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Nowhere is this phrase more accurate than in the church. These brief and practical handouts equip your congregation to welcome visitors and make them feel at home. You'll explore what works and what does not work when welcoming visitors, and there are specific handouts for greeters and ushers, two important visitor ministries. Each handout can be used at a meeting with your team or to pass out individually to those looking for guidance.

This 22-page resource offers biblical reflection, wisdom from experienced pastors, and practical tips on how to ensure visitors feel welcome when they visit your church.

Table of Contents:

What the Unchurched See
Put yourself in the shoes of the first-time visitor to our church.
Thom Rainer

The Right Kind of Welcome
Visitors fear being embarrassed, overwhelmed, or ignored.
David Zimmerman

Attracting the Outsiders
Take a low-pressure approach to non-traditional visitors.
Don Cousins

Why They Don't Come Back
Visitors can be turned off by behavior, buildings, and disorder.
Calvin Ratz

Why They Do Come Back
Growing churches meet the needs of newcomers.
Calvin Ratz

Greeter Tips
The first face a greeter sees is looking for a warm, genuine welcome.
Marc S. Botts

Facility as Ministry
Facility issues can actually be ministry issues.
James Rodgers

Ask the Right Questions
Consider the questions visitors will be asking.
David Zimmerman

Becoming an Inclusive Church
Sometimes we unintentionally exclude people from the church.
Rich Nathan

Connecting with Young Adults
These nine traits characterize churches that reach young adults.
Thom Rainer

$ 19.99 $ 14.99

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